Friday, 6 May 2011

How To Plan For A Successful Future

One of the true secrets to
success (if there is one!) is
having the ability to look far into
the future.
Many people live there lives only
one day at a time. Without ever
considering what their future
holds. These are the same people
that end up supremely
disappointed in their later years.
A study was once done
that interviewed several
multimillionaires, trying to figure
out what they all had in common.
As it turns out, each of them had
several unique and different
qualities about them. However,
there was one thing that almost
every one of them had.
And that was the ability to think
deep into the future.
No. I'm not saying they were
psychic! I'm saying that they
thought about where they
wanted to go five or ten years
from now and they spent every
day working to make that a
I want you take a few moments
and think about the answers to
the following questions...
What would happen if you
continued on the same path that
you are on right now? Would
you be on the road to success
five years from now? Or would
your life continue to be about the
same? Maybe slightly better?
Think about this for a few
minutes before you come back.
Be brutally honest with yourself
when you answer these
You see, it's easy to think of
today as just another day. But
when you sit around and do
nothing, that's one more day
that you are postponing any
future success that you may
Are you tired of waiting for
something great to happen to
you? If so, instead of sitting
around and waiting, why don't
you get out and make
something happen.
What do you do? That's for you
to decide. If I was you, I would
start by walking through the
exercise how to discover your
dream and make it a reality
(opens new window). It could
very well be the life changing
experience you are looking for.
You will learn to figure out
exactly how you want your life
to be five or ten years from
now. I wouldn't eat, sleep, or
drink anything else until I
completed that exercise and had
a pretty good idea of what my
dream life was.
Then once I had that figured out,
I would think very hard about
how I was going to make that
dream a reality. It will only take a
few minutes to go through the
Once you have it completed, start
doing something that will inch
you closer to your dream. It
doesn't have to be anything
major. Just make sure you take
one tiny little step in the right
direction. The journey of a
thousand miles begins with one
Don't waste any more of your
time waiting for your life to
change. The best time to start is
right now!
Once you have taken that first
step, go out and celebrate! Your
journey is going to be a fun and
enjoyable experience.
Then once you have taken a few
more steps, come back to this
page and read a few of the
articles below. They will serve as
a guide to helping you even
more in planning for your future.
I wish you the best of luck in
your future success!


We need other people if we are going to successful in life because, we were not created to fulfill our vision alone. As a matter of fact, God specifically said about His first human creation,"it is not good for the man to be alone". We need people to make it in life. Individual purpose is always fulfilled within a larger or corporate purpose. Therefore, it's important that we work with others in making our vision a reality.

FG to deliver additional 750MW of electricity in Nov

THE Federal
Government is set to deliver
additional 750MW of
electricity to the national grid
from the multi-million dollars
Olorusogun Phase II National
Integrated Power (NIPP) by
November this year.
The Olorunsogo project
worth about $600 million is
in addition to other ongoing
NIPPs which are Omotosho,
Ondo State; Ihovbo, Edo
State; Alaoje, Abia State;
Egbema, Imo State; Gbaran,
Bayelsa State; Calabar, Cross
River State; Omoku, Rivers
State; Geregu, Kogi State and
Sapele, Delta State.
Speaking with newsmen
after a working tour of the
project, in Olorunsogo, Ogun
State, Vice President Namadi
Sambo said government was
committed to delivering
stable electricity supply to
Nigerians before the end of
the four years of the
President Goodluck
Jonathan ’s administration.
“In another six months from
now, the entire project
would be completed and
have 750MW added to the
national grid, ” Sambo said.
He told journalists that “we
have just signed a contract
with Nigerians and that is
why we have to ensure that
we deliver power to
Nigerians ”, Sambo said,
adding that the government
of President Goodluck
Jonathan was in a hurry to
improve the social and
economic lives of the
“We have no time to waste
to improve our social status
and change the fortunes of
Nigeriansreassuring the
electorate of government ’s
commitment to delivering on
their election promises.
“I want to say to Nigerians
that we are not resting. And
that we have done our
studies and we shall deliver
on our promises and not fail
Nigerians ”.
The vice president who
expressed satisfaction over
the progress of the work so
far said he was pleased to
note that three of the four
gas turbines were already
being test run.
Governor Daniel in his
remarks said power supply
was key to national
development and lauded the
president and his vice for
returning to the field after
the election to fulfil their
electoral promises. He said
the people of Ogun State
were excited about the
project which he said was
already having a positive
development on the axis
with the ongoing
development of over forty
housing estates. He also
projected that it would turn
around the economy of the
state and improve power
supply in the country.
Nuhu Wya, minister of state
power explained during the
inspection of the project,
that the contract for the
execution of the project was
signed in 2007 by the
Federal Government to boost
power generation in the
He reassured the Ogun state
government of government ’s
commitment to ensuring that
the people of the state are
the primary beneficiary of
the power project and was
doing everything possible to
deliver stable power supply
to Nigerians.
The Olorunsogo NIPP is a
combined circle facility with
four gas and two steam
turbines designed for
maximum power generation
The minister explained that
“ combined circle means that
the exhaust gas from the gas
turbines is recovered at
about 650 degree centigrade
and used through the heat
recovery steam generator to
fire a steam turbine to
generate additional power”.
The effect Wya explained “is
that the exhaust heat that
would otherwise be lost is
recovered and used to
generate additional
electricity without bearing
more gas ”.
The process according to
him increases the efficiency
from about 35 per cent to 50
per cent.
Wya confirmed that three of
the four gas turbines were
already running saying that
the 750MW will “contribute
additional 20 per cent of the
total power available to
Nigeria. This is a significant
contribution to the available
4000MW ”.