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Facebook Places: Here's how it works | Talk of Naija

Facebook Places: Here's how it works | Talk of Naija

Biography Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris was brought up in a
strict Christian home, was born
again at the age of 9 and started
his ministry as a young
undergraduate at the then
Bendel State University (now
"Ambrose Alli University") where
he studied Architecture.
He is married to Pastor Anita
Oyakhilome, the Director of the
Christ Embassy International
Office who also pastors Christ
Embassy Churches in the United
Kingdom, including her own
chapter, Christ Embassy
Docklands, in North Woolwich,
London.[citation needed]. She is
the Co- Director of Loveworld
Christian Network
Ministry and healing
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was
born in December,7,1962 and is
the author of several bestselling
books including "Rhapsody of
Realities" which he co-authors
with his wife, Pastor Anita. His
book "How to receive your
miracle and retain it?" promotes
Word of Faith theology.
His teachings are strongly based
on the prosperity gospel,
advising Christians that God
intends to make them healthy
and wealthy, and that poverty
and sickness is contrary to God's
plan for their lives (cf. Rom
Presiding over an ever-widening
network of Christ Embassy
Churches and campus
fellowships on six continents,
Pastor Chris also pastors one of
the largest congregations in
Africa. He holds teaching and
healing crusades with crowds of
over 3.5 million in a single night's
event. Christ Embassy has an elite
group of international
professionals responsible for
translating monthly English
versions of the ministry's
"Rhapsody of Realities" into over
80 languages.
In 2003, he pioneered the first
24-hour Christian Network from
Africa to the rest of the world
known as LoveWorld Christian
Network. He is also the host of
the television program
“Atmosphere for Miracles”, which
is oriented towards healing of
physical and spiritual ailments
and is broadcast on major
television networks around the
The wider ministry includes the
Healing School, Inner City Mission,
and an expanding on-line

Nigeria 50 Powerful Pastors

When on April 9, 2000 , Jeremiah
Ejikeme, general superintendent
of Faith Pentecostal Ministry,
Umuahia, stood before a large
congregation to testify that God
raised him from death, January
29, 2000 , it sounded incredible.
He claimed to have been certified
dead at the Model Hospital and
Maternity, 4, Oboru
Street ,Umuahia, Abia State on
January 25, and was transferred
to the morgue before his
dramatic "resurrection" five days
Ejikeme thanked God for using
Victor Onukogu, popularly
known as Daddy Hezekiah,
founder of Living Christ Mission
for the miracle.
In a less dramatic but no less
amazing circumstance, a woman
who attended a crusade
organised by Francis Wale Oke,
founder of the Sword of the
Spirit Ministries, attracted the
attention of the congregation
with screams of joy and
halleluyahs while waving a
newspaper in her hand.
Her testimony was in 1999. She
had approached Oke in London
to pray for her as she faced an
immigration order to deport her
back to Nigeria . It was her last
chance and she just had to win.
A day after the prayer, the House
of Parliament in London decided
that all asylum seekers in Great
Britain for a certain period be
given automatic residence. About
56,000 people were affected and
the woman was among them.
Gabriel Akubueze, 24, a trader in
textile materials at Agege was
among the thousands of people
that trooped into one of Pastor
Chris Oyakhilome�s Total
Experience crusade in Lagos . "I
want a miracle for my business,"
he said.
Ejikeme, Akubueze and the
asylum-seeking woman aptly
portray the various reasons why
millions of Nigerians search for
miracles, signs and wonders.
They have continued to attend
religious crusades to seek
miracles to their numerous
problems such as barrenness,
unemployment, financial
difficulties, deliverance from
ancestral curses, sickness and
In Nigeria today, there are more
than 50 of such powerful pastors
in whose areas of speciality are
miracles, prophecy, healing,
teaching, preaching, marriage
counselling, and are attracting
people with such problems. They
include Pastor Enoch Adeboye,
general overseer of The
Redeemed Christian Church of
God. Humble, the mathematician-
turned preacher has impacted on
the lives of millions of Nigerians
with his monthly Holy Ghost
Night programme.
On every first Friday of the
month, all roads virtually lead to
the "Redeem Camp" at Kilometre
46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,
venue of the crusade. The
programme attracts thousands
of miracle seekers every month.
And they come from as far as
Kaduna , Benue , Ilorin , Ibadan ,
Lagos and Port Harcourt .
The RCCG is one of the fastest
growing churches in Nigeria
with branches all over the 36
states of the federation and in
London and the United States . In
Lagos alone, nearly every street
has a branch or fellowship centre
of the church. It has been said
that this is in line with Adeboye �s
vision to spread the gospel.
David Oyedepo, general overseer
of Living Faith Ministries aka
Winners Chapel has grown to
become an oak tree in
Christendom. His 50,000 capacity
worship centre known as
Cannanland in Otta, Ogun State ,
has attracted Christian
worshippers from within and
outside the country. Newswatch
learnt that in the last 10 years of
his ministry, many barren
women have given birth to
babies after attending his miracle
programmes. Many more claimed
that they received healings,
secured employment, financial
breakthroughs, turn-arounds in
their respective businesses and
deliverance from ancestral
Oyedepo�s motivational, faith-
building teachings have also
endeared him to many. As part of
his outreach programmes, the
church acquired an aircraft in
1996 to facilitate his evangelism
programmes to countries
outside Nigeria . Tagged "Gospel
on Wings," the programme was
launched as an arm of the World
Mission Agency Incorporated -
the organ responsible for foreign
mission operations.
Today, the church is said to exist
in every state of Nigeria and in
some other African countries.
Oyedepo has more than 20
books published by his Dominion
Publishing House to complement
his soul- winning efforts.
Samuel Abiara, 59, founder,
Agbala Itura World-Wide, faction
of Christ Apostolic Church is
known for his healing services,
evangelism and prophecies.
Abiara told Newswatch that he is
not a miracle worker but said
God has used him to perform
miracles. "The blind see, barren
women conceive and bear
healthy children, among others
that God has used us to perform
in the name of Jesus,"he said.
The church headquarters in
Ibadan , Oyo State , is capable of
seating 5,000 worshippers at
each service . Abiara enjoys the
perks of his ministry. "Our God is
God of prosperity and wealth.
Nobody that does the will of God
would lack anything," he said.
The name Chris Oyakhilome,
pastor, Christ Embassy, is almost
synonymous with miracles. He is
widely known for his
Atmosphere for Miracles, a
television serial which advertises
the numerous miracles
performed by him. The
programme is a hit on many
state and private television
stations all over the country.
Oyakhilome �s recent outing at
National Stadium, Lagos , early
this year attracted about 50,000
Another man of God who has
continued to hold sway in the
miracle arena is Pastor
Temitope Joshua, founder of the
Synagogue Church of All Nations,
Ikotun Egbe, Lagos . His miracle
programmes which is aired on
television stations have
continued to elicit reactions from
church leaders and the public.
Particularly, his genuflection of
the hand during every miracle
healing process has been widely
described as reflection of occultic
Scathing as the criticisms are, he
has remained unperturbed and
has continued to dazzle the
public with his feats. Located at
Ejigbo, the Synagogue has turned
out to be Mecca of a sort for
miracle seekers. Among them are
Europeans and Americans, who
flock to his ministry for miracles.
It was this same curiosity that
compelled President Chiluba of
Zambia to visit the Synagogue in
On June 19, this year, Paul
Dhanakran, an Indian but
internationally acclaimed
evangelist and mentor to world
pentecostal leaders such as Pat
Robertson, Oral Roberts and
Benny Hinn, visited the
Synagogue to receive healing for
an intractable ailment that defied
any cure. Barely four days after,
Dhanakran left the Synagogue a
new man. He had not been able
to walk in the last five years.
Joshua has in store, films of his
healing powers. One of the films
shows that he had also raised a
man from the dead. He also
claims to heal people of AIDS,
cancer and other deadly
Victor Onukogu became born
again in 1967 and changed his
name to Hezekiah. Between then
and now, he has grown to
become one of the leading
miracle workers in Anambra
State . Popularly known as Daddy
Hezekiah, and founder of Living
Christ Mission, Onitsha , Anambra
State , he told Newswatch that
the first miracle that God
performed through him was to
raise from death a young girl at
Inland Girls Secondary School ,
Onitsha , November 21, 1982 .
Ever since, he said God has
performed many other miracles
and blessed a lot of people
through him.
As part of efforts to
accommodate the geometrically
growing congregation, Hezekiah
has started work on a new
church headquarters at Onitsha .
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ede, founder
of Catholic Prayer Ministry of the
Holy Spirit, Elele, Rivers State, is
perhaps the first Catholic priest
whose miracle works remain
immensely popular. Ede has a
penchant for breaking of curses
and healing the sick through the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The
monthly miracle programme he
organises at the Pilgrimage
Centre, Elele attracts Christians
from all parts of the country who
desire breakthroughs in life.
Beyond the transformations Ede
has brought to the style of
worship in the Catholic church,
he has also established reputable
academic institutions. He is the
proprietor of OSISATEC, a
polytechnic in Enugu and
Madonna University , Uli, where
emphasis is placed on academic
excellence and moral upbringing
of students.
Ejike Mbaka, another Roman
Catholic reverend father in Enugu
is known for his firebrand style
of preaching. Signs and wonders
follow his ministrations. Mbaka �s
weekly all-night adoration
crusade at the GTC field, Enugu ,
has never ceased to inspire
Catholic faithfuls to attend his
programme. At one of his crowd-
pulling crusades March 7,
disaster struck and 14 of the
worshippers died under
mysterious circumstances.
Though the ill-fated event
generated a lot of controversies,
it did not diminish the rising
profile of the priest.
His miracles have checked the
drift of Catholic faithfuls to other
miracle-happening churches. It
has also brought Pentecostals,
Methodists, and Anglicans to
swell the crowd: "People fly from
abroad to come to our crusade
and fly back," Mbaka told
Christ Mustard Mission, Port
Harcourt , carved a niche for itself
with the divine revelations of
Glory Chika Nsiegbe. He predicts
future events on January 1, every
year. One of his predictions was
that the then gubernatorial
aspirant in Rivers State , Rufus
Ada-George would become a
governor in 1992. It came to
pass. He also predicted the death
of Sani Abacha, former head of
state, in 1996. He is popularly
known as the Anointed Man of
God in Grace because of his
miraculous exploits.
Primate Theophilus Olabayo,
founder of the Evangelical Church
of Yahweh Worldwide has
equally been named in such
fashion for his predictions.
Although, he has not been visible
of late, Olabayo was one prophet
whom the nation looked up to
for his prediction of the nation at
the beginning of a new year. His
predictions on political matters
and leaders were profound.
Olabayo manifested that much
even in his writing of letters to
leaders of thought, traditional
rulers and world leaders to come
together and find solution to
perceived looming problems.
His predictions were published in
his book: The Book of
Revelations for Today and
Tomorrow. Some of his major
predictions, however, created
bad press for him because they
didn�t come true. When
Newswatch sought to interview
him last week, one of his able
pastors explained why the
request could not be granted,
"There is a divine revelation that
he (Olabayo) should cease from
talking to the press untill such a
time when there is a counter-
instruction," he said.
There are some other pastors in
Nigeria whose divine calling
transcended miracles and
prophecy. They have the power
of oratory and teaching of the
word so convincingly. Often
times, their power-packed
inspirational teachings create a
new life for the hopeless, the
down-trodden, the widows,
single parents and youths.

Allosgabriel: Books By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Allosgabriel: Books By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Books By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Recreating Your World
(LoveWorld Publications, 1995)
ISBN 978-34865-3-5 ASIN
The Promised Land (Believers’
LoveWorld Inc., 1997 ) ISBN
973-32136-4-4 ASIN
The Gates of Zion (LoveWorld
Publications, 1998) ISBN
Your Rights in Christ
(LoveWorld Publishing Ministry,
1998) ISBN 978-34658-4-8
None of These Diseases
(LoveWorld Publications, 1999)
ISBN 978-34658-5-6
The Oil and The Mantle
(LoveWorld Publishing, 1999)
ISBN 978-34865-1-9 ASIN
7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do
For You (LoveWorld
Publications, 2000) ISBN
978-37865-8-6 ASIN:
When God Visits You
(LoveWorld Publications, 2001)
ISBN 978-35622-4-X ASIN
How To Receive A Miracle and
Retain It (LoveWorld
Publications, 2001) ISBN
Join This Chariot (LoveWorld
Publications, 2002) ISBN
Rhapsody of Realities: A Topical
Compendium Volume 1
(LoveWorld Publications, 2004)
ISBN 978-34865-2-7
Praying the Right Way
(LoveWorld Publications, 2004)
ISBN 978-37866-0-1
Don’t Stop Here (LoveWorld
Publications, 2004) ISBN
7 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do
In You (LoveWorld Publications,
2004) ISBN 978-37866-1-X
Prophecy: Understanding The
Power That Controls Your
Future (LoveWorld Publications,
2005) ISBN 978-37865-3-9
The Power of Tongues
(LoveWorld Publications, 2005)
ISBN 978-37865-4-7
How to Make Your Faith Work
(LoveWorld Publishing Ministry,
2005) ISBN 978-37866-2-8
The Holy Spirit and You
(LoveWorld Publications, 2005)
ISBN 978-37061-5-2 ASIN
Now That You Are Born Again
(LoveWorld Publishing Ministry,
2006) ISBN 978-34658-7-2
The Seven Spirits of God
(LoveWorld Publications, 2006)
ISBN 978-37865-0-4 ASIN
Rhapsody of Realities: A Topical
Compendium Volume 2
(LoveWorld Publishing Ministry,
2007) ISBN
Atmosphere for Miracles
Volume 1 ‘‘(LoveWorld
Publishing Ministry, 2009) ISBN
Healing From Heaven: January –
April 2010 (LoveWorld
Publishing Ministry, 2010) ISBN
Healing From Heaven: Volume 2
(LoveWorld Publishing Ministry,
2010) ISBN 978-37061-6-0

Osama Bin Ladin's Death Won't Stop Terrolism

The killing of the world’s best-
known terrorist may be a
positive step in the world’s war
on terror, but it won’t eliminate
terrorism completely, an analyst
said Sunday night.
Mark Danner, foreign affairs and
terrorism writer and professor at
UC Berkeley, said the news of
Osama bin Laden ’s death should
be taken as a win for American
policy, but that it will not change
the world overnight.
“This is going to be an
encouragement,” he said.
“It certainly won’t end
But it will hopefully get us
beyond the fear, beyond
the era of reaction and will
put terrorism in its place
— a persistent problem,
but one that will not
dominate the foreign policy of
the United States and the
preoccupation of its citizens. ”
Osama bin Laden, the glowering
mastermind behind the Sept. 11,
2001, terror attacks that killed
thousands of Americans, was
slain in his luxury hideout in
Pakistan Sunday in a firefight
with U.S. forces, ending a
manhunt that spanned a
frustrating decade.
Bin Laden’s death, coupled with
regime changes in multiple
countries, will show the people
of the Middle East that there is
another way besides
“Ten years after the attacks of
9/11, things are changing in the
Middle East, ” he said. “The al-
Qaida movement has been
damaged by the broad opening
in the Middle East. ”
Danner said he does not think al-
Qaida will retaliate immediately
against the United States, but the
Taliban might attack American
targets in Afghanistan.
Discovery Bay resident Kevin
Graves, whose only son, Joey,
was killed in Iraq in 2006 while
serving with the Army, said the
death of bin Laden was a victory,
but it does not ease his heart.
“What started with the towers
falling on 9/11 is what inspired
my son to enlist in the first
place, ” he said. “This is a
resolution. I am extremely proud
of my son and all the young men
and women who went there to
fight for us. ”
Graves said military leaders need
to learn from how bin Laden was
killed and pursue the same
strategy moving forward.
“This war needs to be fought
with boots on the ground,” he
said. “It needs to be fought in a
covert way, if necessary. We have
to let our military make military
decisions. ”
Graves said he still questions why
his son had to die, and the death
of bin Laden will not change that.
“Does bin Laden’s (death) serve
any relief, any gratification? Not
at all, ” he said. “I live with a
broken heart every day.”
Celebs react to Osama Bin
Laden ’s death
Even as the whole world is
buzzing about the news that
Osama Bin Laden has been killed
in Pakistan, stars from across the
world of show business have
shown they are no different
when it comes to voicing their
shock and celebrate the death of
America ’s public enemy number
“I’m proud of our men and
women in uniform. Wherever
you are, take a minute to say
thank you to one of the brave
heroes who serve our country,”
Contactmusic quoted Hollywood
action man and former California
Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger as writing on
his blog on Twitter.
In a series of ”tweets”, CNN
newsman Piers Morgan stated,
“ Bin Laden dead. Wow… What a
moment for Obama. What a
moment for America. Magnificent
address by the President. And
magnificent operation. This is his
finest hour. ”
Actress Christina Applegate
wrote, “Let me try this one more
time…my heart raced when I
heard the news. the terror he
caused us was epic.the lives lost,
too many.. ”, while designer Nicky
Hilton adds, “After 9 years, 8
months and 20 days justice is
finally served. #binladenisdead.”
The news was made even more
emotional for rocker Nikki Sixx,
who heard the news while in the
Big Apple: “Being in New York
and hearing that Bin Ladin is
dead is icing on the cake …”.
Meanwhile, a stunned LeAnn
Rimes exclaims, “Omg (Oh my
god), Bin Laden!!! Blessings to
our troops and a bit of peace for
our country and those who lost
loved one ”s (sic) in 9/11″, and
Spice Girl Melanie Brown writes,
“ We need to take a moment to
give thanks to the soldiers who
risked there lives. ”

Saudi Arabia Rejects Osama's body

Osama bin Laden, the long-time
figurehead of the al Qaeda
terrorist network, has been
buried at sea after being killed in
a U.S. raid in Pakistan.
According to U.S. officials bin
Laden ’s body would be handled
in accordance with Muslim
traditions, which include strict
rules on burial taking place
within 24 hours after death.
Bin Laden was a Saudi national,
but officials say that the Kingdom
was unwilling to have his
remains repatriated.
He was killed in a U.S. raid
launched early Monday in the
relatively-well-heeled town of
Abbottabad, near the Pakistani
capital of Islamabad.

Ten Reasons Why U Must Delay Sex

1) sex can spoil a good
2) u need 2 b able 2 explore life
without the risk involved in sexual
relationships. U need 2 keep ur
options open.
3) u wouldn't want 2 get
pregnant and give up ur dreams
and aspirations 2 care 4 a baby
b4 u 're ready and able 2 do so.
4) u could contract a sexually
transmitted infections like HIV. HIV
infection does nt show on the
5) partaking in sex at an early age
will distract u 4rm ur studies and
6) u can contract STI and I knw u
woun't want one.
7) engaging in sex would make u
worry abt the consequences of
8) having sex when u 're young
might make u miss out on
freedom of youth.
9) it's super cool 2 delay sex till
10) the fact that someone looks
healthy does nt mean they 're free
4rm sexually transmitted
infections, they may nt even knw
that they 're infected.
B carefull.