Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Do We Really Have Any Good leader In Nigeria/Africa?

Are there true Leaders in our Country(Nigeria)?
This is a question that many will respond to differently. My personal take on this is quite simple. Simple in the sense that we lack true leadership in our country including the continent of Africa. Leadership is an Art that must be perfected through training/education, but some have argued that some leaders are born. Let me state clearly that Leadership as a subject for discussion is very broad. To this effect, I will only narrow my discussion on this subject to a few characteristics that a genuine leader must have.
Leadership characteristics includes and is not limited to the following: leadership is not all about personality traits that a leader possesses but it must be centered on the principles of impeccable character; honesty/trustworthiness, must be dedicated to work, being assertive, being curious and daring, must be accountable, being innovative, maintain good integrity and sincerity, guided by one’s values that will serve the common interest of its people, morals or standards, self-awareness, justice to all, be a good communicator, be able to promote collaborative ventures, being a good listener, being accommodating, being charismatic/influential, goal driven/task-oriented, ability to promote collaboration, be analytical, be action-driven, service to others, respect for self/others and community building and being focus/being visionary, plan and think strategically.
However leadership works better when teamwork exists. No leadership will succeed through the actions of a single individual. Difficult and selfish leaders will always encounter setbacks when they try to make decisions that affect the populace/organization all by themselves. Therefore, exemplary leaders enable others to act. A leader that foster collaboration/accountability and build trust will achieve more credibility among his or her people. This helps to build a sense of teamwork which will eventually lead to project success and timely completion. In today’s organizational settings/state affairs, cooperation can’t be restricted to a small group of loyalists; it must include peers, managers, customers and clients, suppliers, citizens and those who have interest in the vision,
Leaders make it possible for others to do good and acceptable work. They know that those who are expected to produce the results must feel a sense of personal power and ownership. Leaders now understand that the command-and-control styles of the Industrial Revolution no longer hold. Instead, leaders work to make people feel strong, empowered, capable, and loyal. Leaders enable others to act and not by hanging onto the power they have, but by giving it away to their followers when the situation called for.
If our leaders follow all the above leadership principles/models very closely, they will move mountains in whatever they do in their capacity as leaders, more better results will be achieved, citizenry will be happier, the economy will blossom, we will be more stable, politically and our leaders will be written in the good books of history (posterity will judge them well). Demonstration of wickedness or selfishness by our leaders is obviously absurd and uncalled for. All we’re asking is for in our Country is for our leaders to do the right thing at all times. Let them be a CHANGE ENGINE in OUR SOCIETY. Let them Be TRANSFORMIST and be the true REFORMIST that some of our leaders profess to be. Let them be real in their day day day actions. Many have died for their INACTIONS/BAD LEADERSHIP. How many more of our citizens do they expect to die before they will change for good? Now is the time for actual/permanent positive change by our so called leaders. We have been waiting for too long for the CHANGE/TRANSFORMATION that they promised us. Leadership is not a given, it’s a task to deliver to the people you serve. Be a Servant-Leader and not the other way around. Good leadership is attainable/could be maintained; it all depends on the individual that calls him/herself as leader. Let me conclude by stating that, everyone of us is a leader by our rights. But your being a true leader depends also on how you see yourself, the role that you play as a leader on your followers/subordinates and how others also perceived you.