Tuesday, 21 June 2011

10 Things A Woman Should Do,That Will Make Sure Their Man Never Cheats

1. Try to give him most of the thing he wants but always reserved something else. This applies to just about everything, and it’s especially effective in the bedroom. Have him wanting for more by promising him those forbidden and wild fantasies. Fulfill some on those promises occasionally or else he will get frustrated on seeing you as a teaser.
2. Be frank about the lingering problems. Address those issues, so he won’t feel the need to go elsewhere to look for solutions.
3. Don’t use sex as a weapon. Don’t threaten or punished him by depriving him of his sexual needs. You wouldn’t want him to have a excuse to look for alternative source. This kind of manipulation is sure to drive a man away faster than anything.
4. Don’t be hook up for too long. If you are constantly teasing him and not delivering what you promises then he will soon fall into the hands of other woman who will satisfied his fantasy.
5. Make time just for him. Prepare him his favorite meal, sit down and enjoyed a good movie. You may even want to take a smoothing bath together. Just remind him how much you want  to be with him. Often, that’s all guys want.
6. Just be yourself. Don’t act or be pretentious when he’s around. It’s hard for you and e will eventually see through it. He will loves a person as who she truly is.
7. Do something romantic, spontaneously. Greet him at the door wearing sexy lingerie, or offer to give him a relaxing message. Just breaking up the monotony of your daily routine can help spice up his desire for you.
8. Take a time off together. Well, there are plenty of good places to visit or just go on a vacation. Even if it a simple getaway will reignite the forgotten feeling and remind him why he fell for you in the first place.
9. Communicate and ask him what he will want from you. Try your best to give him most of the things he wants, and explained to him why you will not do some of the things he is asking you to do.
10. Tell him that you love him. Tell him he is the only man you want in your life and you’re committed to him. A lot of guys cheat because they don’t think their woman really wants to be with them. Remind him that he ’s the
one for you.