Monday, 5 March 2012

Prt A: Mar 01 - The Effectual Word - Pastor Chris

Dreams And Ambitious

Dreams Start and End with God... Many of us have Ambitions, Dreams. It really does come down to your drive, your Faith. God leads and our goals is to figure out where the goal posts are in our walk. If you stop, every time things turn negative or you feel they are taking to long, your dreams will never come true as you cannot see the fruits of your labor. Thus the goal lines mover further, because your negativity are slowing you down and sometimes you turn negative towards God and ask WHY?--When the True answer is you,---You are the reason dreams fail to be fulfilled, or come true.. Walk with pride. No matter your circumstance, No matter your disease, No matter your struggles and addictions. Everything has an end, Now get to the end. Your journey to your success and to your fulfillment of your Dream, lyes in your path, so stop jumping side to side. Go forward with ambition, focus, drive, know you will succeed and succeed You will. God has plans for everyone of us. Each of us created so intricately, so carefully, each with special and creative gifts, tools and insight. I have reached out to many and so many have slammed doors in my face, I was kind and just being there. But to you -you did not like the kindness I showed. That's a trait many of us are not used to. We live in a world of hate and despair which we bring on ourselves and shut out others. We think someones kindness has anterior motives, WHY?-- We have true feelings God gave us. God wants us to be there for others, not hurt and hate. We see what that does. Wars, Racism, abuse, Divorce, Drug abuse, Murder and on and on it goes.. I hurt, suffer everyday and still focus on others, not myself. My goal in life will be to continue to be positive, continue to battle through my disability and pain and be there for one and all. Never will I be selfish, Never will I turn, my head away, and pretend I did not see you, Never will I see your email or call and let it fall blindly to the pits of forgotten friends. Continue down that path I know God wants me to go down. Its all about Him. Never will I pretend I am above others, when God created all of us as equals. Humanity needs help, One by one we can all change our mindset and all forms of success will come our way. Many peoples dreams will come true when we Focus on fruitfulness, kindness, compassion and love. Help grow the Kingdom of God one by one.