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Allosgabriel: Why Ibb,Atiku and Ciroma Didn't Attend The Preside...

Allosgabriel: Why Ibb,Atiku and Ciroma Didn't Attend The Preside...: "Former President Ibrahim Babangida, former Vice- President Atiku Abubakar and their contemporaries in the Northern Political Leaders F..."

Why Ibb,Atiku and Ciroma Didn't Attend The Presidents Inauguration.

Former President Ibrahim
Babangida, former Vice-
President Atiku Abubakar
and their contemporaries in
the Northern Political Leaders
Forum, NPLF abstained from
Sunday ’s inauguration
following a collective
decision to boycott the
Besides, Babangida other
prominent leaders of the
NPLF including erstwhile
National Security Adviser,
Gen. Aliyu Gusau, erstwhile
Finance Minister Mallam
Adamu Ciroma were
prominently conspicuous by
their absence yesterday
though it was learnt that
they were invited to the
Babangida attended the
inauguration of Governor
Babangida Aliyu in Minna
while Atiku was believed to
have been in his residence in
The decision of the NPLF
leaders to abstain from the
inauguration was reached at
a meeting by the NPLF
leaders days before the
Sunday inauguration.
The NPLF leaders Vanguard
learnt hinged their decision
to abstain on what they
claimed was their distrust on
the President to keep his
“The leaders prior to the
inauguration had resolved
not to attend the ceremony
because of two reasons even
though most of them were
One is that the NPLF is yet to
believe that the President is
one that can keep his words
on issues. ”
“The second is that the NPLF
also does not believe that the
President has extended a
genuine hand of
reconciliation because we
believe that there are still
some people around the
President who believe that it
is better to keep some
people out and we do not
believe that the President is
not sympathetic to that
idea, ” the source revealed
last night.
Inauguration grounds
Communication in Abuja
Meanwhile communication
within Abuja and outside
was disrupted during the
inauguration last Sunday as
part of security measures
accompanying the swearing-
in ceremony of President
Goodluck Jonathan .
Mobile telephone and
internet services were
disrupted in Abuja and
Kaduna prior to the
commencement of the
inauguration ceremonies
Prior to the commencement
of the inauguration
ceremony the major mobile
telephone providers, Glo,
Airtel and MTN blocked their
services to their customers,
and even hours after the end
of the event, the lines were
not restored making it
impossible for people to
relate with one another.
Particularly affected were
Journalists who complained
bitterly that they could not
reach out to their offices or
colleagues on the need to
give feedback on the
ceremony as well as give
situation report.
Vanguard gathered that the
order given to the service
providers to switch off the
operating equipment by the
authorities was for security
reason and part of moves to
avoid the incident of last year
during the celebration of the
country ’s 50th anniversary
where due to some security
lapses, some persons were
able to plant some bombs by
the Eagle Square which
Though majority of residents
who spoke with Vanguard
welcomed the move they,
however, frowned that it
took up to six hours
after the programme ended
to restore the
communication network
residents also complained
that they could not conduct
their businesses due to the
blockage of many roads
leading to the Eagle Square
venue of the inauguration.

Another Bomb Blast Rocks Bauchi

No fewer than 12 people
were killed and over 25
injured in 3 bomb explosions
at the
Shadawaka Army barracks in
Bauchi, yesterday.
The blasts rocked the 23
Artillery Brigade
headquarters at about 8.25
p.m on the 29th of may.
The commissioner of Police,
Muhammed Indabawa
confirmed the casualties.
Major Etete , the Public
Relations Officer of the
Brigade,also confirmed the
However, another report
says the blasts killed
4persons with 20 injured.

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