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How to get a girl is a great deal for many guys. Nearly half of men population is confused on how to get a girl. They are not sure of what to do to attract girls and win their love. There are best solutions to make it true.

Below few important tips are provided on how to get a girl to like you. Be yourself If you want to get a girl to like you, then the most important thing is to remain yourself. When you start acting as if you possess few qualities that actually you don’t have, it will give you negative consequences.

Girls like guys who are able to express their individuality with high confidence. Immerse yourself If you consider very low about yourself to deal with girls, then it is high time to work out a little. You need to adapt yourself to the changing situations and become bold enough to face a girl. Start observing your family.

Keep watching on how girls / women of your family interact. If there is more number of women in your family, then you must be good enough to converse with girls. But unfortunately if you are not brought up in such a situation, then you will have to learn better ways to deal with girls.

You shouldn't avoid girls at any cost even if you are not sure enough to attract them. Because when you avoid girls, they would fear that they are not good enough to match you. This tendency will make them go away from you.

Be nice In general, being a nice person helps you forever. You can help an elderly person to cross the roads; you can suggest a kid on how to behave politely with elders; you can save an injured dog. The girl will surely fall in love with you when she realizes you are very considerate to all living beings regardless of their gender, age or species. But the main thing is, you shouldn't do all these to impress her, it should be natural. Otherwise you would find it painful. So, when you think about how to get a girl, try out things that suits best.

Be hygienic Most girls get impressed when a guy is very handsome. At the same time, they won’t even look at him if the same guy stinks. Girls don’t choose guys who don’t portray their physical appearance better. They would give more importance to how you present yourself to others. When you learn ways on how to get a girl, remember not to follow them as strict rules. They just help you in better understanding of girls and there by increasing your chances of getting a girl to like you.

Always respect her feelings, be a good listener and try to be supportive when needed. You’ll fail to win her love if you create an impression that you are just after one thing (I believe every body is quite aware of what it is).

These things have to be kept in mind when you think on how to get a girl.


When you’re on a first date, it’s easy to get all caught up in demonstrating, what a fine, strapping male you are. Don’t forget that you’re also evaluating her worthiness as well. One important thing that you must know about your date is compatibility.

If your interest is establishing a long term relationship, then there has to be something that the two of you are on the same page about. A previous post discussed how to keep conversation flowing on a first date by being focused on and remembering interesting and unusual things that she happens to say.

These provide lots of starting points for further conversation where you can ask open ended questions. This provides for lots of opportunity to learn more about who she is. But this strategy is incomplete. So far, she’s been doing most of the talking. All you’ve done is help her to talk about herself.

This would be great if you were a talk show host and were interviewing her. But this is a date and you’ll have to contribute to the conversation as well. So what do you say? Well here’s a tip that will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. She gets to find out about you and you get find out if the two of you are compatible. Here it is: Where ever it feels natural, try to insert comments and stories that involve your interests and your passions. I’m not talking about steering the conversation to what you want to talk about.

If she’s talking about subject ‘A’ then that’s what you’ll talk about. But the conversation will naturally move on to other things or there will be a lull. That will be your cue to talk about yourself. If you’re really into travel, then you will relate some interesting or bizarre or funny stories about what happened to you when you were traveling abroad.

When you’re doing this, pay attention to her reactions and enthusiasm. If she’s into travel herself and tells a few of her own travel stories, that’s great. If she’s never traveled before but is very intrigued and entertained by your travel talk, that’s also great. If she’s bored or starts talking about something else, then she’s revealed to you that she doesn’t share this travel passion of yours.

Throughout the date, repeat this process with your other interests. If you’re also into the great outdoors, then by all means tell her that bear story or whatever. The best way to reveal your interests is through personal stories. People find stories far more interesting than formal statements.

A point blank listing of your interests is over too quickly. It’s boring. Telling it in story format gives you the chance to be entertaining and allows you ample opportunity gauge her interest or disinterest. If though this process, you find that the two of you are compatible, your date was a success. If you find that she is not a compatible person, then your date was also a success.

Now you won’t have to spend any more time with this person and can quickly move on.


The first kiss can be an big stumbling block for a lot of men. If you’re on a date, it’s expected.

On the other hand the lady that you’re dating has never been kissed by you before.

How will she react? Will she pull away? Maybe she’ll think that you’re coming on too strong and you’ll scare her away.

These and other similar thoughts are very common. Some guys will opt for not dealing with the issue at all and won’t make any attempt. Others will ask for permission.

Both are mistakes for two reasons:

1.) You’re hurting yourself because you’re telling her that you lack backbone. This is a big turn off for many women.

2.) You’re hurting her because you’re depriving her of her big romantic moment. This is when the strong confident man takes charge and sweeps her off her feet.

The confident man doesn’t ask for permission, he takes control. If you’ve ever peaked inside of those romantic novels that some women read, the first kiss is a really big deal. Romantic novels are popular with women for good reason. Anticipation, tension, the back and forth progression toward the inevitable act that changes two strangers into…lovers.

This is the stuff of female fantasy. If she’s into you, this is what she wants you to do. She wants you to take her and kiss her. Note the key phrase: ‘if she’s into you’. If she detests you or if there’s just no chemistry, then kissing her is a mistake.

So, how do you know if she wants to be kissed? You should be looking for signs of attraction. These are revealed through conscious and subconscious signals. Look for these signs:

1.) Physical contact - She initiates physical contact with you ‘accidentally’. This is a very strong indicator of interest. Some examples: - Her hand brushes across your arm or hand. - Her fingers slide across your hand when you hand something to her. - Her nails rake across your palm when handing something to her. - She finds an excuse to grasp your hand such as reading your palm. - She stumbles and holds on to you for support.

2.) Eye contact - She locks eyes with you. -You catch her stealing glances at you. She may hold eye contact or quickly look away when she knows she’s been caught. -She explores your face with her eyes and spends time looking at your lips. -Her pupils are dilated.

3.) Physical proximity - She leans in close. Perhaps she does this when she asks you to check something on her menu. When you’re walking together, she walks well inside of your personal space.

4.) She plays with her hair.

5.) She may adjust your collar - This is a very strong sign. When she does this, she’s taking possession of you.

6.) When you’re making your move to kiss her, she may lick or part her lips and her breathing deepen. If you’re getting signs from her but want to be even more certain, then you can start the kiss with some preliminaries.

These would be softly touching her hair or taking her hand in yours and intently gazing into her eyes and on her lips.

If she doesn’t pull away then she’s ready.


How to get a girl is the serious matter for all the guys. We have met lots of beautiful women in our daily life. Most of the girls have a perfect face and nice hair. She dates with more skilled guys. But how will you make her to date with you?

Most of the men are attracted by the women looks. But the women are attracted by the men personality. So the personality is important on how to get a girl. A perfect man is the alpha man who has sure-footed in himself.

He will never get afraid for anything in his way of life. Most of the girls like this types of character. When a girl thinks like that she has made you is the best method to make a girl to love you. You should have deepest feeling to make a girl to fall with you.

She must get impress by your way of style. It should come from her heart. You should know the factor about how to get a girl.

One of the best attitudes to come towards on any of the particular women are:

1. Casual manner.

2. Non-attachment.

Know whether she in love with you or not. If she loves you that are amazing, if not, she has other guy who has the personality more than you. Women are not a challenge on you. But you must be challenge to her. In addition you can develop your personality and your good quality to make her to impress on you. Also you should eliminate the neediness by making your social group.

Get friendship from girls as much you can. It is very easy to get friendship with them. Also date with many girls as much you can. This will help you to make on how to get a girl. Don’t limit yourself that think to date with only your special girl. Women are the beautiful part of every men life.

So it is important to have a girl. Without girls men life will be meaningless. When you see your dream girl Say thank to god and tell “God, I should get this girl! She’s irreplaceable!” Having a girl with you will solve your all problem through your life. Also, your girl will get attracted by any guy, she too gets attraction. This is called as “social proof” phenomenon psychologically.

It is more powerful to girls not for men. Have you ever noticed that your girl friends dribble over the man at the place of the bar who has got four beauties at the table? That’s common proof in activity. It’s nice to feel a beautiful girl with feel something for her. You also should understand that many other beautiful girls are there as like your dream girl.

You should remember this often. If you think on how to get a girl you must enhance your skills and attraction. Always think that there are lots of girls in the world. It will help when your girl go away from you.

These are the secrets on how to get a girl.

How To Make A Girl Like You

How to get a girl for yourself How to get a girl is a major concern among most guys. It might look simple. Most believe that girls are impressed if you earn a lot of money, and possess powerful position in the society. But if you ask girls they would say power and money alone doesn’t decide things. You can very well observe that most powerful and rich persons are able to impress the hottest women. But when you seek ways on how to get a girl, just think whether these girls give importance to the guy or to his fame. Here, you can learn ways on how to get a girl for yourself. If you happen to watch romantic movies, you would have observed emphasize given to a man getting his girl when putting effort at right time.

If a guy is given with the right chance, he would make his dream girl to like him. There are few things to be avoided when you think on how to get a girl for yourself.

Body odor – Always be certain to maintain your hygiene while trying to impress a girl. No one would ever like to talk or even stand near you, if it stinks.

Don’t be self-centered – If you expect others to honor and treat you like a Prince, then you would fail in getting a girl for yourself. When you think of ways on how to get a girl, remember that girls highly prefer empathetic and down to earth guys.

Don’t feel shy – In general, girls try to avoid guys who are shy.

They fall for guys who are initiative and express their confidence in their activities. Ways on how to get a girl for yourself:

Be friendly even with girls whom you are not impressed – There might be great chances to expect friendship of great looking girls through those girls. Those girls might say good words about you to the good looking girls

Be sensitive – You must be matured enough to act according to different situations. You need to know when to probe into serious matters and when to leave her alone. You should give respect to her feelings when doing something.

Be responsible – If you prove yourself responsible, girls will obviously start liking you. She will rely on you and enjoy your presence.

Be humorous – Girls love guys who have the ability to make others laugh. They always like guys who are interesting to chat with.

Be open – When a girl shares her problem or issues to you, be sure to share your problems as well. You don’t have to look manly or strong always.

When you honestly share things with her, she might like that quality and start believing you. While you are looking out for your girl, just bear in mind all those things mentioned above.

These are ideas given by most girls. So, by now you would have understood that just physical appearance and fame alone help you. There are much more things to be concentrated when you are looking out for how to get a girl.

How To Kiss A Girl For The First Time

One of the greatest moments of life is that instance when a man and woman initialize their romance with a lip lock. Many eagerly seek pointers on how to get a girl to that point, or how to initiate a first kiss. Guys often treat this as a most difficult thing, saying they just never know when a woman is ready for them to move in for the kill. If you’re lucky, a woman might do it for you, but most likely, you’re going to have to decide when the time is appropriate. It’s actually quite a natural outcome to achieve, if you spend enough time with a girl and build to it. So here are a few tips to help you know when the time is right.

First of all, a first kiss should happen within the first three days. It can happen on the first date, it can happen on the second date, or on the third date.Note, these do not have to be three consecutive calendar days, but anytime after the third dating encounter, and you’ve probably missed many ample opportunities to kiss her, most likely making her feel unattractive. There’s just as much pressure to do it, to wait long enough, as there is to have waited too long.

The secret to how to kiss a girl that first time is to remove the pressure, while creating a sense of inevitability to it. If you softly prompt her first, how to get a girl to kiss you amounts to reading her to know when she’s ready. The best way to kiss a woman for the first time, is to sense a time when you really think that she looks beautiful, whether she’s sitting, smiling, or the wind is blowing just right. She, in turn, will likely sense your affectionate look, and know it’s time to be kissed.

Usually you can feel it in your gut when you really want to kiss a woman. Now the best way to do that, to touch her somewhere else first, whether it be her knee, or her shoulder, or her neck, to clarify that you’re moving in for contact. You don’t just want to move in with the kiss, or you might scare her off. So, with a little touch here, a little touch there, then eye contact, you have to look a woman in the eye. Once you touched her, and you looked her in the eye, smile, she’s probably going to be aware of your next move.

That first kiss should make your stomach flip in a good way, for both the guy or gal, and leave you both wanting more. Don’t rush, stick your tongue down her throat, or make slurping noises—soft peck and short nibble here and there, and continue as she permits. With the first kiss in place, how to get a girl to the second or third kissing exchange and beyond, becomes much easier