Wednesday, 29 June 2011

5 Things Every Woman Wants From Her Man

Communication between the
sexes seems like a myth
sometimes. It can seem
impossible to find out how to
make your partner happy if you
don't know what she wants. Of
course, every woman is an
individual with unique needs, but
here are five (in no particular
order) that they all want:
1. Romance-
The problem here is that a lot of
guys tend to associate romance
with trashy novels or cutesy,
once-a-year valentines. To be
effective, it should be somewhat
of a lifestyle. True romance is the
little things a couple does for
each other all the time, and it
doesn't have to be flowers and
candy. It can be as simple as
warming up her car on a cold
day, or making the morning
coffee so she can wake up to a
fresh pot. It's the actions you
take to demonstrate your love for
her, not to be confused with sex.
2. Affection -
Affection is simply the physical
manifestation of romance. It's
cuddling on the couch while
watching a movie, or a hug, or a
kiss that is not designed to lead
straight to the bedroom. Again,
not to be confused with sex.
3. Security-
Different women satisfy their
need for security in different
ways, but they all want it. It's
hardwired into their brains. The
homemaker types are nesters.
They find security in their homes
and family. The independent, self-
sufficient woman may find it in a
career. As a man, you role in her
quest is to be supportive and
work together with her to make
it happen. Be dependable.
4. Laughter-
Every woman likes a man who
can make her laugh. However,
this is not the stand-up routine
you entertain your buddies with
at the bar. It's a little bit about
recreating that giddy, happy time
when you were still trying to
impress her with your wit, and
even more about being about to
laugh each other through the
trials of life.
5. Sex-
Now, the one you've been
waiting for. Contrary to what you
might think, women want sex
just as much as guys do. When
she doesn't want to sleep with
you, it's not a power play, it's
because your behavior at that
point has made you unattractive
to her. Sleepily and
unceremoniously rolling on top
of her in the middle of the night
is probably not going to turn her
on. The bottom line is if you
respect her, and take care of
these first four things, she'll give
you all of number five you can