Friday, 13 May 2011

3 Steps To Be A Winner

Winners have a particular way to
go about things, and that is what
differentiates them from the rest.
If you want to be a winner at
whatever it is that you do, you
need to start doing what
winners do. Now there are a
multitude of factors that can be
looked at, but let ’s start with 3
simple ways to create a solid
foundation for developing the
proper mindset of being a true
Ongoing Motivation
Think about how many books
and audiotapes and seminars, as
well as all the articles online such
as this one, that exist in the
world. You ’d think we’d have an
overload of successful and happy
people everywhere with all this
information available. Here ’s the
thing though. Most people will
read a book or listen to an
audiotape once, and get a little
bit of a lift out of it, but then it’s
gone, and they figured that the
content just didn ’t work for
them. Let me ask you this, how
often do you bathe? Well, that ’s
how often you need to expose
yourself to motivation and self
improvement material. Motivation
is not permanent, and neither is
bathing! Start thinking along
those lines, expose yourself to
motivation continuously, and
always look for ways to boost
your determination and drive.
Understand that the boost that
you get is not permanent and
that you need to keep absorbing
motivation on an ongoing basis.
Positive thinking
Yes, we have all been told this
over and over, how positive
thinking is important. However,
you need to look at positive
thinking from another
perspective. Truth is, positive
thinking on its own will not
move mountains. You can be the
most positive person on earth
but if you don ’t take action or,
don’t learn from your errors, and
such, then it will all be in vain. But
positive thinking is important
because it is BETTER THAN
negative thinking. With negative
thinking, you don ’t even stand a
chance to succeed. You are not
even in the ballpark range to
make it happen. At least with
positive thinking, the hope is
there. A few tweaks, a few
actions, a few lessons learned,
and you are on your way to
becoming a winner. Don ’t let
yourself remain a victim of
negative thinking. Embrace
positive thinking, not because
that in itself is life changing, but
because it can provide you with
the opportunity to figure out
how to change your life and
because it is plain and simply
better than negative thinking.
Take care of your health
Let me ask you this question: If
you had a million dollar race
horse, would you feed it junk
food and let it slip into poor
health, or would you do
everything in your power to feed
it properly and keep it in the best
shape possible? Well guess what,
you are that million dollar race
horse! Never forget that. Start
treating your body and your
health with the proper care that
it truly deserves. Remember to
always work harder on yourself
than on anything else in your life.
Your body and health is the
“ battlefield”, where everything in
your existence happens. Promise
yourself to always maintain it in
pristine condition and treat it
better than you do anything else.
Once you start doing that, then
you will start being on track to
developing the mindset of a real

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