Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Allosgabriel: A Letter To The President

Allosgabriel: A Letter To The President: "Mr. President: as you begin to constitute your administration, I think it proper that you take a moment and reflect on aspects of your ..."


  1. “I was not born rich, and in
    my youth, I never imagined
    that I would be where I am
    today, but not once did I ever
    give up. I was raised by my
    mother and father with just
    enough money to meet our
    daily needs. In my early days
    in school, I had no shoes, no
    school bags. I carried my
    books in my hands but never
    despaired; no car to take me
    to school but I never
    There were days I had only
    one meal but I never
    despaired. I walked miles
    and crossed rivers to school
    every day but I never
    despaired. I did not have
    power, I did not have
    generators, I studied with
    lanterns, but I never
    despaired, ” he said in the
    most moving part of his
    He recounted his past, but
    millions of Nigerian children
    are in similar or worse
    situations today.
    president Jonathan counting
    down his life story,but 2day many
    Nigeria childrens 're passing true
    similar or worst situation,what is
    he going 2 do 2 relief Nigeria of
    this kind of harsh condition?


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