Saturday, 14 May 2011

How To Compose Yourself For A Good Impression

Making a good first impression
starts with being on time and
offering a firm handshake.
It's worth learning how to make
a good impression, whether
you're trying to make friends,
business contacts or
interviewing for a job. Minding
your manners in face-to-face
meetings, over the phone or in
written correspondence can
open or close doors for you.
When meeting someone for the
first time, remember that
making a good impression
requires basic manners and
good conduct.
Moderately Easy
Make a Good Impression in
1. Always dress to impress no
matter the occasion. People
are more likely to positively
remember a well-groomed
person. You don't have to
follow the latest trends, you
only need to dress in
presentable clothing and to
follow proper hygiene.
2. Be on time or arrive a few
minutes early, especially if it's
for a job interview or a
scheduled appointment. The
person you are meeting for
the first time will think that
you use your time wisely and
that you value her time.
Arriving early can also help
you to get acclimated to your
environment and allow you to
compose yourself before the
3. Speak clearly when
introducing yourself. Do not
mumble and don't be afraid
to enunciate your words.
4. Extend your hand to shake
the person's hand before and
after the meeting. Your
handshake should not be too
hard or too limp. It should be
5. Talk enthusiastically and be
present in the conversation.
Maintain eye contact and
listen to what the other
person is saying. Ask
questions and make
comments. The person will
remember you better if you
appear interested and
contribute to the
6. Act natural and be confident
in yourself. It's good to be a
little outgoing. However, if
you're normally reseved,
don't attempt to be overly
friendly. It will look like you're
trying too hard.
Make a Good Impression
Online, on the Phone or in
Written Correspondence
7. The way we meet people has
changed drastically, but
making a good impression is
still crucial for making lasting
If you are meeting someone
for the first time online or
through written
correspondence, make sure
that you reply promptly. This
is just like being on time
when meeting someone in
person. You want the other
person to know that you
value her time.
8. Speak clearly and avoid
rambling when speaking over
the phone. If you have to
leave a message, practise
what you will say so that you
are not correcting yourself in
the middle of the message.
Get to the point quickly and
avoid lengthy messages.
9. Use proper grammar in
written correspondence. Do
not use Internet chat room
slang or acronyms. The
person may not understand
or appeciate what you are
saying. Take advantage of the
spell check function in your
email and wordprocessing


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