Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A man to keep is hard to find. As
hard as girls try to put up walls in
order to protect from getting
hurt, the same is true about men.
That is why you might have to
find a way to get into a man's
heart. Here are a few ways in
which you can do so.
The first way they say is by food.
While this might or might not be
a myth, it has been proven to be
true many times in the past for
many different women. Guys love
a woman who can give them a
home cooked meal with a nice
conversation to go with it. Guys
love good company as well as a
good meal. So happiness does
come from a happy belly for
some guys.
You can also win a guys heart by
trying not to change them, but
rather accept them for the way
they are. Many women joke
about training their man and
things like that. Men shouldn't
have to change. You could
further win them over by taking
an interest or at least trying
something that might be
different to you, but that many
they like to do. You can have
them eating in the palm of your
hands by just letting go of your
beliefs for a little while and
embracing theirs. Compromise is
something that you can always
use to win a guy over.
Some men will tell you that the
way to their heart is by quit
expecting them to share their
feelings. Many men joke about
this. Men aren't equipped to be
that open. This is what they try
telling women all the time. They
hid the things that really go on in
their mind and heart and if you
do have one that is willing to
share then you have been
blessed. They will all tell you that.
Other men would tell you that
love in the bed and keeping that
aspect of the relationship spiced
up is where they are suckered
punched in the bed. When it
comes to sex, that can really keep
some guys happy. For some men,
this is all they need and other
things are just added features to
the whole round package. For
other men though, you have a
number of men that like to keep
it that there are many things that
you as the woman can do to win
over their hearts.
Other men will tell you that just
trying to understand them and
not leave them for things that
they view as faults or failures is
all that you have to do. Many of
the things that women say men
can do, you can do for men. Men
just want to be loved just as any
other woman wants to be.
What it all boils down to is just
being able to read your man. Just
as women send their signals as
to what you can do to win them
over, so do men.

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