Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Ladin's Death Won't Stop Terrolism

The killing of the world’s best-
known terrorist may be a
positive step in the world’s war
on terror, but it won’t eliminate
terrorism completely, an analyst
said Sunday night.
Mark Danner, foreign affairs and
terrorism writer and professor at
UC Berkeley, said the news of
Osama bin Laden ’s death should
be taken as a win for American
policy, but that it will not change
the world overnight.
“This is going to be an
encouragement,” he said.
“It certainly won’t end
But it will hopefully get us
beyond the fear, beyond
the era of reaction and will
put terrorism in its place
— a persistent problem,
but one that will not
dominate the foreign policy of
the United States and the
preoccupation of its citizens. ”
Osama bin Laden, the glowering
mastermind behind the Sept. 11,
2001, terror attacks that killed
thousands of Americans, was
slain in his luxury hideout in
Pakistan Sunday in a firefight
with U.S. forces, ending a
manhunt that spanned a
frustrating decade.
Bin Laden’s death, coupled with
regime changes in multiple
countries, will show the people
of the Middle East that there is
another way besides
“Ten years after the attacks of
9/11, things are changing in the
Middle East, ” he said. “The al-
Qaida movement has been
damaged by the broad opening
in the Middle East. ”
Danner said he does not think al-
Qaida will retaliate immediately
against the United States, but the
Taliban might attack American
targets in Afghanistan.
Discovery Bay resident Kevin
Graves, whose only son, Joey,
was killed in Iraq in 2006 while
serving with the Army, said the
death of bin Laden was a victory,
but it does not ease his heart.
“What started with the towers
falling on 9/11 is what inspired
my son to enlist in the first
place, ” he said. “This is a
resolution. I am extremely proud
of my son and all the young men
and women who went there to
fight for us. ”
Graves said military leaders need
to learn from how bin Laden was
killed and pursue the same
strategy moving forward.
“This war needs to be fought
with boots on the ground,” he
said. “It needs to be fought in a
covert way, if necessary. We have
to let our military make military
decisions. ”
Graves said he still questions why
his son had to die, and the death
of bin Laden will not change that.
“Does bin Laden’s (death) serve
any relief, any gratification? Not
at all, ” he said. “I live with a
broken heart every day.”
Celebs react to Osama Bin
Laden ’s death
Even as the whole world is
buzzing about the news that
Osama Bin Laden has been killed
in Pakistan, stars from across the
world of show business have
shown they are no different
when it comes to voicing their
shock and celebrate the death of
America ’s public enemy number
“I’m proud of our men and
women in uniform. Wherever
you are, take a minute to say
thank you to one of the brave
heroes who serve our country,”
Contactmusic quoted Hollywood
action man and former California
Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger as writing on
his blog on Twitter.
In a series of ”tweets”, CNN
newsman Piers Morgan stated,
“ Bin Laden dead. Wow… What a
moment for Obama. What a
moment for America. Magnificent
address by the President. And
magnificent operation. This is his
finest hour. ”
Actress Christina Applegate
wrote, “Let me try this one more
time…my heart raced when I
heard the news. the terror he
caused us was epic.the lives lost,
too many.. ”, while designer Nicky
Hilton adds, “After 9 years, 8
months and 20 days justice is
finally served. #binladenisdead.”
The news was made even more
emotional for rocker Nikki Sixx,
who heard the news while in the
Big Apple: “Being in New York
and hearing that Bin Ladin is
dead is icing on the cake …”.
Meanwhile, a stunned LeAnn
Rimes exclaims, “Omg (Oh my
god), Bin Laden!!! Blessings to
our troops and a bit of peace for
our country and those who lost
loved one ”s (sic) in 9/11″, and
Spice Girl Melanie Brown writes,
“ We need to take a moment to
give thanks to the soldiers who
risked there lives. ”

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