Wednesday, 4 May 2011

With This Calibre Of Groups Trowing Warnings To Nigeria Do U Think Nigeria Could Be One?

The Supreme Egbesu Assembly,
SEA, in collaborations with five
ethnic nationality groups
yesterday warned those behind
the killings in the Northern part
of the country to put a stop to it
or face the music forthwith.
At a world press briefing in
Lagos by the leader of SEA, Sgt.
Werinipre Noel Digifa in company
of the Oodua Peoples Congress,
OPC, founder, Dr Frederick
Fasehun; Igbo Youth Congress,
IYC, Bright Ezeocha; Yoruba
Human Rights Research Centre,
Sola Olatunde; Federation for
Yoruba Consciousness and
Culture, FYCC, and the Oodua
Liberation Movement, Sunday
Akinnusi, the groups said unless
the Federal Government do
something urgent to stop the
killings and destruction of
property that trailed the
announcement of the
presidential election, there might
be counter reactions from their
To this end, they gave six
conditions for immediate
implementation by the
government to restore their
confidence about the unity of
Egbesu leader, who said his
group hardly make public their
decision over national issues,
said recent events in the country
forced them to organised the
media briefing to let Nigerians
know that they are no more
ready to tolerate any killings of
their people in any part of the
They demanded that “President
Goodluck Jonathan and the
National Assembly must act
speedily to halt the killings in the
core North and those behind the
carnage, high or low, rich or
poor, must be brought to justice
and full weight of the law
hammered on them. ”
They called on General
Mohammed Buhari and Ibrahim
Babangida to “apologise to the
country and the families of those
killed during the mayhem
through the active conduct of
their supporters in Northern
parts of the country. ”
Also, they called on the Sultan of
Sokoto, Alhaji Sa ’d Abubakar to
bring his religious and moral
authority to bear on the people
of the region to abate the
ongoing killings in the part of the
Apart from this, they urged the
security agents to work together
as a team to stem the tide of
violence, or else the country is at
the brink of disintegration.
“It added, we assure that the
Ijaw people will assert its self-
determination as stipulated by
Article 27 of the United Nations
Congress, by defending itself if
nothing tangible is done.
The Egbesu leader said he was
aware of “desperate moves by
the pro-Taliban forces to set
Nigeria ablaze and pull the
trigger for turmoil. They are
anxious to do this for one thing-
they cannot live under the reality
that a South-South indigene is
now president of Nigeria. On this
note, we warn very strongly, that
the Ijaw people, in collaboration
with other progressive
nationalities, will resist any
attempt being made to
destabilise the current
democratic experience.”


  1. I dn't think so cause I blieve in which ever way Nigeria must unite.

  2. if the Notherners dn't stop all this their mayhem,then it's better everybdy go his way.


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