Friday, 15 July 2011

10 Things Every Woman Must Know B/4 Going Into A Serious Relationship

A friend of mine recommended
this article to me and I thought
this was one of the better lists
I've seen in a long while. I know
everyone doesn't have a
relationship with God but with a
bit of tweeking I think it still is a
good list for most women
regarding men.
#1 - Ask a man what his vision
is...his purpose for his life. If he
either can't answer or gets
offended at the question, he isn't
ready. No man needs a partner
when there is no assignment.
No man needs a helpmate until
he needs help with a task too big
for him to accomplish alone.
#2 - Ask him about the previous
women in his life (his mother, his
sisters and his Ex). If the word
"bitch" shows up anywhere in
the conversation, let him go. If
it's clear his mother's opinion
will mean more than yours, let
him go. He must be ready and
able to "leave" the past to be able
to "cleave" to you.
#3 - If he has children from
previous relationships, he should
be paying child support. If he's
behind, he should be catching
up. If he has children from
previous relationships, he should
be seeing them regularly (to the
extent he is allowed). There
shouldn't be any evidence that
he spreads "himself" around and
then moves on. No rolling stones
#4 - Ask him whom he admires.
Ask him why. If his answers are
admirable people, you're fine.
Men aspire to become like the
men they respect. If he doesn't
have anyone he looks up to, he
doesn't have anyone he's afraid
to disappoint. ("Jesus" is NOT an
acceptable answer.) Every man
needs someone in his life whom
he doesn't want to let down. If
he stills says "no one" then I'd be
concerned that he's too full of
pride to be a good leader.
#5 - Ask him what he sees in
YOU. It's okay if his first answer
speaks to your allure - men are
visual. However, he must see
some of who God has created
you to be in order to relate to
you properly. He will not protect
what he does not value. Being a
protector is a big part of what
you want in a good man.
#6 - What is his tangible
commitment to the things of
God? It's not good enough to be
"spiritual" only. How does his
spirituality manifest itself? Here
are some good ways: tithing/
giving, attending worship
services, reading the Bible,
praying, sowing into other
peoples' lives. Is his faith active
or dead?
#7 - Has he learned? If divorced,
I believe he should be able to
provide some analysis. In
medicine, it's called a post-
mortem examination. I'm not
saying he was the cause of death
in the previous relationship, but
he should be able to provide a
good explanation of what
happened. Otherwise, how can
he avoid the same outcome?
#8 - Does he value covenant? The
death of a marriage should sting.
It's supposed to hurt when "one
flesh" is torn apart. It's okay. God
provides grace for healing.
However, look for signs that he's
casual about exploiting God's
grace. If he is inclined to "count"
his wives, move on. You know:
"My first second third wife..."
#9 - Does he work? I'm not
asking whether he has a job. I'm
not asking about his level of
income. Does he WORK?
Everybody can work. He might
have started a business. He
might be WORKING at finding a
job. Wherever he is in life, there
should be no signs of idleness
#10 - Who are his friends? Paul
says that bad company corrupts
good morals. Solomon gave
similar warnings in Proverbs. My
modern spin on it is a little
different: good men don't hang
out with punks. If all his friends
are _____, _____ and _____, he's
either the same way or is
tolerating it too much - so much
so that he's likely to BECOME it.
Here's an example as a bonus:
men who value fidelity do NOT
spend a lot of bonding time with
serial adulterers.


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