Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How To Make A Girl Like You

How to get a girl for yourself How to get a girl is a major concern among most guys. It might look simple. Most believe that girls are impressed if you earn a lot of money, and possess powerful position in the society. But if you ask girls they would say power and money alone doesn’t decide things. You can very well observe that most powerful and rich persons are able to impress the hottest women. But when you seek ways on how to get a girl, just think whether these girls give importance to the guy or to his fame. Here, you can learn ways on how to get a girl for yourself. If you happen to watch romantic movies, you would have observed emphasize given to a man getting his girl when putting effort at right time.

If a guy is given with the right chance, he would make his dream girl to like him. There are few things to be avoided when you think on how to get a girl for yourself.

Body odor – Always be certain to maintain your hygiene while trying to impress a girl. No one would ever like to talk or even stand near you, if it stinks.

Don’t be self-centered – If you expect others to honor and treat you like a Prince, then you would fail in getting a girl for yourself. When you think of ways on how to get a girl, remember that girls highly prefer empathetic and down to earth guys.

Don’t feel shy – In general, girls try to avoid guys who are shy.

They fall for guys who are initiative and express their confidence in their activities. Ways on how to get a girl for yourself:

Be friendly even with girls whom you are not impressed – There might be great chances to expect friendship of great looking girls through those girls. Those girls might say good words about you to the good looking girls

Be sensitive – You must be matured enough to act according to different situations. You need to know when to probe into serious matters and when to leave her alone. You should give respect to her feelings when doing something.

Be responsible – If you prove yourself responsible, girls will obviously start liking you. She will rely on you and enjoy your presence.

Be humorous – Girls love guys who have the ability to make others laugh. They always like guys who are interesting to chat with.

Be open – When a girl shares her problem or issues to you, be sure to share your problems as well. You don’t have to look manly or strong always.

When you honestly share things with her, she might like that quality and start believing you. While you are looking out for your girl, just bear in mind all those things mentioned above.

These are ideas given by most girls. So, by now you would have understood that just physical appearance and fame alone help you. There are much more things to be concentrated when you are looking out for how to get a girl.

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