Saturday, 7 May 2011

10 Secrets Of Success

I 've always highlighted on this words,I never stop telling people about,ur tongue is power,what ever u speak out of ur mouth is what ur spirit walk with.
So I've decided 2 put up this lines 2 send more motivations.

1. How You Think is Everything.
Always be positive. Think
Success, not Failure. Beware of a
negative environment.
This trait has to be one of the
most important in the entire list.
Your belief that you can
accomplish your goals has to be
unwavering. The moment you
say to yourself “I can’t…”, then
you won’t. I was always given
the advice “never say I can’t” and
I’d like to strike those words
from the dictionary.
I’ve found that from time-to-time
my attitude waivers. A mentor of
mine once said “it’s ok to visit
pity city, but you can’t stay and
there comes a time when you
need to leave ”. Positive things
happen to positive people.
2. Decide upon Your True
Dreams and Goals: Write down
your specific goals and develop a
plan to reach them.
Write down my dreams and
goals? Develop a plan to reach
them? You mean like a project
plan? Yes, that ’s exactly what this
means. You may have heard the
old adage: A New Years
resolution that isn ’t written
down is just a dream, and
dreams are not goals.
Goals are those concrete,
measurable stepping stones of
achievement that track your
progress towards your dreams.
My goal is to start a second
career as a freelance writer –
what are your goals?
3. Take Action. Goals are nothing
without action.
Be like Nike and “Just do it”. I
took action by reaching out and
started writing. Every day I try to
take some action towards my
goals. It may be small, but it ’s still
an action. Have you taken action
towards your goals?
4. Never Stop Learning: Go back
to school or read books. Get
training & acquire skills.
Becoming a life long learner
would benefit us all and is
something we should instill in
our kids. It ’s funny that once
you’re out of school you realize
how enjoyable learning can be.
What have you learned today?
5. Be Persistent and Work Hard:
Success is a marathon, not a
sprint. Never give up.
I think every story of success I
read entails long hard hours of
work. There is no getting around
this and there is no free lunch.
But, if you ’re working towards
something that you’re passionate
about, something you love – then
is it really work?
6. Learn to Analyze Details: Get
all the facts, all the input. Learn
from your mistakes.
I think you have to strike a
balance between getting all the
facts and making a decision with
incomplete data – both are traits
of successful people. Spend time
gathering details, but don ’t catch
‘analysis paralysis’.
7. Focus Your Time And Money:
Don’t let other people or things
distract you.
Remain laser focused on your
goals and surround yourself with
positive people that believe in
you. Don ’t be distracted by the
naysayer’s or tasks that are not
helping you achieve your goals.
8. Don’t Be Afraid To Innovate:
Be different. Following the herd
is a sure way to mediocrity.
Follow through on that break-out
idea you have. Ask yourself
“ What would I do if I wasn’t
9. Deal And Communicate With
People Effectively: No person is
an island. Learn to understand
and motivate others.
Successful people develop and
nurture a network and they only
do that by treating people
openly, fairly and many times
firmly. There is nothing wrong
about being firm – just don’t
cross the a-hole line. How do you
deal with people?
10. Be Honest And Dependable:
Take responsibility, otherwise
numbers 1 – 9 won’t matter.
Enough said.


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