Saturday, 7 May 2011

Ex-millitants vow to cripple oil exprossion.

As protests continue to trail the
gubernatorial election result,
which returned incumbent
governor, Dr. Emmanuel
Uduaghan for the second term in
Delta State, a group of former
militants, under the aegis of the
Coalition of Niger Delta Freedom
Fighters, in the state, has given a
21-day ultimatum to the
Independent National Electoral
Commission, INEC, and President
Goodluck Jonathan, to reverse
what they called the imposition
of Uduaghan on the people.
The body compromising of
former militants and freedom
fighters in the Niger Delta region
in a statement by ‘General’ Akpos
Jones and ‘Commander’ Ziko, said
they were ready to cripple the oil
industry in Delta State and the
Niger Delta region in general, if
their demand was not met
before 21 days.
They statement added that they
came to the conclusion because
of the naked and forceful
imposition of Uduaghan on the
people of Delta State by the
Federal Government through its
agencies, such as INEC, Army,
Police and other security
agencies in the April 26, 2011
They alleged that the Federal
Government through the two
ministers representing Delta
State in the Federal Executive
Council, sent a message to Delta
State a day before the
governorship election, that
Uduaghan must be returned as
governor at all cost, whether the
people of Delta State liked it or
“True to this message, the
governorship election was
massively rigged. We regard this
imposition as an affront on our
sensibility and that of Deltans in
general. The situation is made
worse by the suppression of
women groups, students groups
and other groups, who had or
attempted to protest this
“It is on record that bad
leadership and imposition of
leaders were responsible for
militancy in the Niger Delta
region, which came to a
temporary stop with the
granting of amnesty to former
militants,”the statement added.

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