Sunday, 8 May 2011

7 Effective Ways To Implement Positive Thinking

Somehow it has become
ingrained in us that negative
thoughts are more realistic than
positive thoughts. This is pure
madness, especially since over
90% of what we worry about
never happens!
We have to get our heads around
the fact that being positive is
actually far more realistic than
being negative. This is such a
difficult concept for most of us to
grasp, and we have to
purposefully work hard to re-
train the brain to think more
Think of it this way: if your body
became out of shape you would
probably view physical exercise
as an effective way to improve its
condition—and we must begin
looking at the health of our mind
in the same way.
Here are 7 valuable exercises that
you can start implementing right
now to re-train your thinking:
Use Verbal Affirmations EVERY
An affirmation is a positive
statement that something is
already happening, and is a very
powerful tool you can use to
shift your internal dialogue from
negative to positive. Come up
with a few statements like “I am
creating a beautiful day” or
“money and success flow to me”
and spend 10 minutes every
morning (and every night for
extra credit) saying them aloud.
Come up with statements that
make the most sense for you,
and be sure to state them in the
present tense, and in a positive
form. This is self-talk in its
highest sense, and can be very
Use Positive Language
When it comes to the language
we use, world-renowned author
and lecturer Dr. Susan Jeffers
says: “It doesn’t matter if we
believe the words or not, the
mere uttering of them makes the
subconscious mind believe them
to be true. It is as though the
subconscious mind doesn’t
know what is true or false, it
doesn’t judge, it only reacts to
the language that is being fed”.
Many researchers have shown
this sentiment to be quite valid,
and we must intentionally start
using more positive language to
shape the worldview of our
subconscious mind.
Create a Vision Board
A vision board is the physical
manifestation of the life you
want to be leading. Find images
of the house you desire, the
places you want to travel, and the
job you crave to work and tack
them to a corkboard! Be creative
and place words and images that
are accurate expressions of your
inner-most desires.
Constantly add to your vision
board put it somewhere you can
see it several times a day– even
spend a few moments visualizing
what it would be like to be living
in this life you created. Isn’t this
a better way to spend time than
in your usual stress mode?
Surround Yourself with Positive
They could be famous quotes,
inspiring pictures, or even your
affirmations that you write out
on note cards. The point is to
always have physical reminders
of things you deem positive close
by. Print these items out and
place them by your desk, near
your bed, and in the car! When
you get stressed out, give a
glance to them and you will
begin to get perspective on
things and your mind will re-
Say “Thank You” 50 Times a Day
Every night before you go to bed,
spend 5 minutes saying thank
you out loud for the experiences
you had that day: the people you
interacted with, the work you
accomplished, the food you ate,
etc…As you do this, really try and
feel the gratitude emanate from
You can also say thank you 50
times in the morning and get
yourself in an extremely grateful
mindset for the coming day.
These are wonderful practices
for becoming more positive!
Listen to Inspirational Talks and
Music in the Car
The car is the perfect place to flex
your muscle of positive thought!
Because many of us spend a lot
of time driving, make an effort to
listen to music that inspires you
and makes you feel good.
Purchase motivational personal
development CD’s and play them
while driving.
I mentioned Dr. Susan Jeffers
above, and I recently listened to
her CD “Feel the Fear and Do It
Anyway” in my car three times in
a row! Have your car become an
oasis of learning and start using
the time constructively.
Use Positive Thinking While
If you consistently exercise, this
is an excellent time to practice
your positive thinking. Say to
yourself over and over again: “I
am strong and durable” or “I am
fast and powerful” and notice
the immediate affect these
utterances have on your
workout. It is absolutely
incredible how just saying these
words increases your stamina
and strength.

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