Sunday, 8 May 2011

Being A Supportive Spouse

Being a supportive spouse can
be both a rewarding and a
difficult role. Although the
dictionary definition is quite
clear, living out being supportive
in your marriage isn't always so
well defined. For most couples
the most important aspect of
being supportive is being a
loving presence in your spouse's
If you look for a dictionary
definition of being supportive,
you will find phrases like "being
an advocate", "providing for",
"strengthening", "to keep from
weakening or failing", "bearing
the weight", and "keeping from
falling, sinking, slipping."
That's quite a responsibility for
any one to take on. The sense of
responsibility grows even
greater when a spouse is
weighed down by problems with
job, family, kids, health, or social
obligations or is coping with
feelings of loss, disappointment,
and fear.
Ways to be Supportive
Respect your spouse's personal
Show that you have faith in your
Be the shoulder to lean on when
your spouse has a sinking
Work together with your spouse
to maintain balance in your life
Don't be threatened by your
spouse's accomplishments. Tell
people, especially your partner,
how proud you are of his/her
talents and skills.
In wanting to help your spouse
to rebound from a difficult
situation, don't try to solve your
partner's problem.
Listen well so that your spouse
knows you are wanting to
understand the issue or situation
troubling your mate.
Be realistic as you encourage
your spouse. Don't exaggerate.


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