Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The first kiss can be an big stumbling block for a lot of men. If you’re on a date, it’s expected.

On the other hand the lady that you’re dating has never been kissed by you before.

How will she react? Will she pull away? Maybe she’ll think that you’re coming on too strong and you’ll scare her away.

These and other similar thoughts are very common. Some guys will opt for not dealing with the issue at all and won’t make any attempt. Others will ask for permission.

Both are mistakes for two reasons:

1.) You’re hurting yourself because you’re telling her that you lack backbone. This is a big turn off for many women.

2.) You’re hurting her because you’re depriving her of her big romantic moment. This is when the strong confident man takes charge and sweeps her off her feet.

The confident man doesn’t ask for permission, he takes control. If you’ve ever peaked inside of those romantic novels that some women read, the first kiss is a really big deal. Romantic novels are popular with women for good reason. Anticipation, tension, the back and forth progression toward the inevitable act that changes two strangers into…lovers.

This is the stuff of female fantasy. If she’s into you, this is what she wants you to do. She wants you to take her and kiss her. Note the key phrase: ‘if she’s into you’. If she detests you or if there’s just no chemistry, then kissing her is a mistake.

So, how do you know if she wants to be kissed? You should be looking for signs of attraction. These are revealed through conscious and subconscious signals. Look for these signs:

1.) Physical contact - She initiates physical contact with you ‘accidentally’. This is a very strong indicator of interest. Some examples: - Her hand brushes across your arm or hand. - Her fingers slide across your hand when you hand something to her. - Her nails rake across your palm when handing something to her. - She finds an excuse to grasp your hand such as reading your palm. - She stumbles and holds on to you for support.

2.) Eye contact - She locks eyes with you. -You catch her stealing glances at you. She may hold eye contact or quickly look away when she knows she’s been caught. -She explores your face with her eyes and spends time looking at your lips. -Her pupils are dilated.

3.) Physical proximity - She leans in close. Perhaps she does this when she asks you to check something on her menu. When you’re walking together, she walks well inside of your personal space.

4.) She plays with her hair.

5.) She may adjust your collar - This is a very strong sign. When she does this, she’s taking possession of you.

6.) When you’re making your move to kiss her, she may lick or part her lips and her breathing deepen. If you’re getting signs from her but want to be even more certain, then you can start the kiss with some preliminaries.

These would be softly touching her hair or taking her hand in yours and intently gazing into her eyes and on her lips.

If she doesn’t pull away then she’s ready.


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